After knowing my textile wallcoverings,

install them horizontally

not vertically

This fabric wallcoverings don’t need back paper. Only one layer.

Usually, wallpaper work is from up to down. My textile wallcoverings Width is very broad as your need. (maximum width : 3m : from bottom to ceiling)

Because of broad width, this wallpaper work is from left to right. Only one joint in a room.


Method to attach......

Brush glue on wall, ceiling

Attach My textile wallcoverings on wall, ceiling

Cut the rest of my textile wallpaper(as your height).




Adjust humidity

Easy to install (easy to attach on wall, ceiling)

Don't need to set pattern

Joint is only one in a room. (maximum width : 3m : from bottom to ceiling)

Long durability.

No static electricity.

Absorb the sound.

No underpaper work.